With our diverse knowledge and expertise, Photonx provides a wide range of photography and related services, including :

Architectural and interior photography
It isn’t just a building, for our images help make your property and your spaces come alive. Vivid and vibrant pictures that make anyone just want to be there, living and sharing, and being in the same room as you. In day or night, this includes private homes, interior design, industrial properties, even new-fangled toilets are made to look gorgeous!

Commercial and corporate photography
Portraiture of your business leaders for media and public relations purposes, images of your business in its best light, and showcasing your products and services, these are but a fraction of what we do. Be it your people, your work, or your products/services, let us put them all in the spotlight!

Editorial and lifestyle photography
Want to publish yourself or your business? That’s where our expertise comes in. Shooting for print demands a lot more attention to the tiniest detail. Want to make a statement with your images, want to tell everyone your style/way of life? Let us help you show the world to live it up your way, your style, your terms.

Industrial photography
We also help to create images of industrial designs, automation, factory floors, and processes. From phototronics to precision machinery, from cutting-edge technology to modern complex vehicles and even ships, our team is au fait with it.

Product photography
Whether you are looking to showcase your latest range of beauty products, the latest fashion trends, the most sought-after watches, or high-end jewelry and accessories, product photography helps to deliver. We also produce a range of stock images for our clients’ use, ranging from simple stock images to complex scenes.

Food photography
Our food images make people hungry, makes them drool, and leaves your competition starving. Need we say more?

Mobile Studio
Our studio is 100 percent mobile. We come to your office or site and shoot for you. Convenience, all at your doorstep, literally!

Corporate events
We have extensive experience shooting corporate events for a vast range of corporate brands. See our client list for an excerpt.